Udgivet i august 2012.


Titler : 1 Beautiful Thing (fantasy).  2 Garden Gate.  3 Radiant Skies.  4 Don’t Look at The Sun.  5 The Tar Man.  6 Tiger of Paper  7 Three Voices.  8 Walls of Jericho.  9 This Is.  10 Polish Up Your Crown.


Søren Nørregaard was singing, playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar on track 6 and A.D. 4 fat strings on track 8. Bouzouki and auto-harp strumming, harp/didgeridoo blowing and hand-drumming.

H. H. Præstbro played horizontal keyboards, vertical piano, vibraphone, deep-lake accordion and percussion.

Flemming - the reborn bass player - Muus showed us his herd. The fret-less, priceless, fearless and everything. (Bowed the invisible silent one too).

Anders Pedersen was drumming and playing percussion.

Søren Lund did swing the red electrified live in studio guitar.


Gæster : Annette Berg - vocal on track 2 Peter Kehl - trumpet and flügelhorn. Stig Naur - Tenor saxophone. Ola Åkerman - Trombone. Simone Stjer - vocal on track 6 and space-drawing.


Peaks : Vil vise sig.


Alle sange skrevet af Søren Nørregaard.


Produceret af

Hans Henrik Præstbro & Søren Nørregaard.


Cope Records - Copecd 167 




”Always carry a light bulb”